Beaufort Local – Highgate

             Beaufort Local – Highgate

Beaufort Local 

Coffee Type: A Large Cappucino

Location: 488 Beaufort Street, Highgate488 Beaufort Street, Highgate

Coffee in one word or more: Vibrant!!!

Atmosphere: I found this place this morning while going to pick up my car and more importantly looking for breakfast after a quiet (and yes I say quiet quite loosely!!!) night out in Highgate. This is by far the best cafe I have found in Perth on all of my coffee adventures. And it was made by a few things. One: good coffee. Two: I was looked after by the friendliest person ever. Courtney was this lovely persons and she absolutely made the experience of coffee and fantastic pancakes next level. She was so vibrant and full of energy that she optimised the coffee experience. I can’t quite aptly describe what that experience should be but if I could it would revolve perfectly around todays experience. It was the perfect balance of positive energy, fantastic coffee, food and all summed up by the very personal touch that Courtney placed on her interactions!!! The cafe itself is very cool and is full of history. It is a fun and experiential cafe to hang around.

Service: Well the previous paragraph should indicate how I felt about the service. But since we have a spot…let me elaborate. Firstly the amazing Courtney completely made this visit more than memorable. But I should also add that all the staff are all cut from the same sheet. It is a very vibrant, friendly and amazing place to hang out. The guy who delivered the coffee called me a “mug”…because I ordered a mug…of coffee…it ended awkwardly…but I saw what he did there. I can not commend this place more highly. This is the best discovery I have made by far and the thought of hanging here for a coffee in the near future evokes more than a little smile.

Roast / Bean: 5 Senses Beans

Cost: Standard Rims for Perth…I think…I was smiling to much to pay attention to the bill!!!

Reward schemes:  Yup…Forgot to look???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This place was a gem before the people that run it showed up…now it is a wonder of Perth and one that should not be missed. You guys are fantastic and thank you for making my day. It was an absolute pleasure to experience what you guys have created.

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