Deus Cafe Camperdown

Deus Cafe Camperdown

Dues Cafe Camperdown

Coffee Type: A Large Long Black on wheels to go

Location:  98-104 Parramatta Rd, Camperdown NSW 2050

Coffee in one word: Dueslish

Atmosphere: This is a really cool concept for a cafe. It is full of all types of two wheeled excitement. It has an amazing decor and design that you would have to go to bulk times to take it all in. They have funky concepts like movie nights during the week and you can imagine the passionate bike people that are here all the time. This is also a faved haunt for the locals and the hospital staff from up the street. I have to admit I am like a kid in a candy store here. I always get a takeaway coffee here but by the time I have finished looking at all the boys toys in the place and completed my mental shopping list, I need another coffee. This is a void you want to get sucked into.

Service: These guys are always super, super, like a marvel character, super busy. And it always makes me smile with how friendly, warm and engaging they are under these hectic conditions. I guess thats the joys of being a popular cafe. But my hat goes off to them with how they handle themselves.

Roast / Bean: Di Lorenzo Caffe

Cost: Standard rims.

Reward schemes: There coffee is your reward 😉

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This place is an uber cool experience. Be prepared for a busy, awesome, and eye boggling experience.

GG Espresso Camperdown

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GG Espresso Camperdown

Coffee Type: A soy piccolo.

Location: 10 Mallet St Camperdown.

Atmosphere: I am a big fan of the George Gregan Cafes. They are always funky and trendy. Camperdown GG Espresso is no exception to this. I love this little joint. The coffee is always spectacular. It has an awesome little hole in the wall that you can order coffee and food from or you can duck inside for a seat which is situated below the street level. This adds to the peace and quiet and also give you a discrete people watching perch, if thats your thing.

Service: Wonderfully friendly. I always like a place that double checks on your milk of choice, as this is a big issue for some people these days. Very efficient and welcoming service.

Roast / Bean: GG Espresso House Blend Coffee.

Cost: One of the more reasonably priced coffees in the area.

Reward schemes: Rewardle

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ I love the atmosphere and look of this place. You just feel cool hanging around the lovely and friendly staff.