II Cafe Marocchino

II Cafe Marocchino

II Cafe Marocchino

Coffee Type: A large cappuccino followed by a large caramel latte…Yes I like caramel.

Location: 779 Anzac Parade, Maroubra.

Atmosphere: Travelled across town today to catch up with my friend Hand Made By Steph.M who makes the best handmade organic body products and soy candles ever. I use her lip balm to keep my lips supple, so I can always fully enjoy the taste of a good coffee. What??? I like lip balm! All I can say is the coffee matched the company and a happy coffee time was had by all. The coffees I had were both fantastic. This cafe is situated on a main road but you don’t even notice that. It has a lovely quiet feel and best of all it has a toy and play section at the back. And yes, I played with some of their lego and cars.

Service: Amazing. That sums it up in one word. Nesto, the owner and his staff remember your name and your coffee order every time you walk in.

Roast / Bean: Hmm I have done it again…I’ll get back to you.

Cost: Really great pricing considering the good standard of the coffee.

Reward schemes: Rewardle

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ Good coffee, good company, amazing service, and a nice quiet place to catch up with friends for a chat.