Hyper Hyper Coffee Nowra

Hyper Hyper Coffee Nowra

Hyper Hyper Coffee Nowra

Coffee Type: A Large Long Black…thats right, a real mans coffee!!!

Location: 85 North St, Nowra NSW 2541

Coffee in one word: Amazeballs…yep I said amazeballs…thats how good this coffee was!!!

Atmosphere: I was down in this lovely part of the world last week so people could try and drown me on a certified “you can possibly drown on this course” course. Good times. Obviously after surviving such a horrific and horrendous ordeal the only thing that will make you feel better is a good old fashioned hug…from a coffee…in a cup!!! Hyper Hyper coffee was the recommendation from one of my compatriots, so off we went. First impressions were this place is cool. Old Hyper Hyper Coffee didn’t disappoint. Straight from the get go this place has a cool vibe and it is just a place you want to be. People will automatically know you’re cool if you are seen here.

Service: The staff were amazingly friendly. They were very engaging and didn’t mind having a little fun with our cohort. Although this could possibly be because I looked like a drowned rat, all be it a really cool drowned rat because people were seeing me at Hyper Hyper Coffee. My only regret is that this coffee shop isn’t closer to me as its service is standard setting, the coffee is amazing and the staff are some of the friendliest I have met on my coffee adventures.

Roast / Bean: Roastery in  North Steet, Nowra

Cost: Stand rims.

Reward schemes: Nil

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This is a must see, experience and taste cafe. Nothing more needs to be said. Except enjoy, I should say enjoy

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