Infusion Coffee and Tea – Perth

Infusion Coffee and Tea - Perth

            Infusion Coffee and Tea – Perth

Infusion Coffee and Tea Perth 

Coffee Type: A Large Caramel Latte

Location: Plaza Arcade, 13/185 Murray St, Perth WA 6000

Coffee in one word or more: Anticipatory!!!

Atmosphere: I love going to this place. I actually like it so much that I will find reasons to go into the city to get my coffee fix. Oh I need to got to the gym, thats convenient there is an anytime fitness in the city, best I get my coffee fix. Oh I need a book, best I go to Boffins Books, but first I should probably grab a infusion coffee. Oh, I need new sock, well you get the point. I will come up with any excuse to swing past this friendly little cafe for a quick coffee fix!!! Its always abuzz and the coffee is so so so amazing!!!! Almost addictive.

Service: These guys are right down my alley. They are fast, friendly and efficient. And they make an amazing coffee. They even have cherry ripe beans. Imagine a cherry ripe flavoured coffee…life doesn’t get much better!!! I have nothing but praise for these guys.

Roast / Bean: Infusion House Blend Beans

Cost: Standard Rims for Perth!!!

Reward schemes:  ???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ I’m addicted to this place and I’m proud of it.

Livingston Urban Jungle – Perth

            Dr Livingstons I presume???

Livingston Urban Jungle Perth 

Coffee Type: A Large Cappucino

Location: Pod 2, Perth Cultural Centre (opposite the Art Gallery of WA), Perth WA 6000

Coffee in one word or more: It’s a coffee i presume???

Atmosphere: Stumbled across this place when I went to have a wander around the Perth Cultural Centre. They have an amazing community garden here that sets a lovely scene. Then ironically in this peaceful urban jungle who do I find but Dr Livingston himself. Ok well thats a bit of a stretch but I did stumble across a pretty cool little cafe pod that has been set up here. Enter Livingston’s Urban Jungle. This funky little place is set up just off the main walkway which I love because you can get one of their fantastic coffees and just watch the world go by from this little pod of oasis

Service: The guys genuinely enjoy what they do and it is evident from the moment you walk up for a coffee. I was so impressed with these guys passion that I just asked for an amazing coffee…and they did not disappoint!!!

Roast / Bean: Crema – a locally sourced bean

Cost: Standard Rims for Perth!!!

Reward schemes:  ???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This is just one of those little gems that you can truly escape from the rat race, even if it is only for a moment. Can’t wait to hang out here again soon.

Chill Bar – Avalon

Coffee & Gelato – This is what dreams are made of!!!

Chill Bar Avalon Beach 

Coffee Type: A Large Cappucino

Location: 74 Old Barrenjoey Rd Shop 3a Avalon, Australia 2107

Coffee in one word or more: Cool!!l

Atmosphere: This place is a cool little cafe just off the main drag in Avalon. They make a fantastic coffee here and the gelato is to die for. It is a little hot spot for those people in the know.

Service: The guys that run this join are super friendly and they inspire repeat patronage. And if you are me you get drawn in by the gelato as well and always leave with a magnificent combination of coffee and sweet sweet gelato. For the periods when I am lucky enough to work in this beautiful part of the world I am excited by the idea of swinging back past here just to catch up with the staff and their extremely friendly nature.

Roast / Bean: Chill Beans (Yes I am making that up!!!)

Cost: Standard Rims!!!

Reward schemes:  ???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ Like I mentioned before I am excited overtime I get to swing past this cool little gelato bar and cafe. It can only be described as an amazing place to just escape from the world and to just enjoy being!!!

Muzz Buzz Drive Thru Coffee – Innaloo

Drive Thru Coffee is the best when you are on the go!!!

Muzz Buzz Drive Thru Coffee Innaloo 

Coffee Type: A Grande Caramel Latte (It just sounds fancy)

Location: 46 Oswald St, Innaloo WA 6018, Australia

Coffee in one word or more: Friendliest Coffee Ever!!!l!!!

Atmosphere: I was initially hesitant about the quality of a drive thru coffee. However in a rush one day I decided to give this place a try. My only regret is that I did’t try this place earlier. They are amazing here. Every time I pull up at the window they remember my coffee order (which is a big thing for me) and they give me a little time oasis from the daily rush. The coffee is fantastic and the experience, even though I am sitting in my car, absolutely makes my day.

Service: The couple who run this place have nailed it in all respects. They work hard and are very hands on with the daily running of this place which I believe attributes to the success they deserve. The staff they hire are absolute gems. They are all friendly, can make a great coffee and most importantly they leave me smiling overtime I drive away. They go above and beyond here and they have a real sense of personalise. They remember what you spoke about with them with on previous visits and they show a genuine interest in how you are and how your day is looking or has been!!!

Roast / Bean: Muzz Buzz Coffee!!!

Cost: Standard Rims which is awesome considering the expedient nature of the coffee experience.!!!

Reward schemes:  Loyalty card

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ I will literally alter my route regardless of the time of the day to swing past this place and say G’day because they make my day every time I visit. Keep up the amazing work you guys do. Your success is directly attributed to yourselves and the amazing team you have setup behind you!!! You guys have created an amazing culture which makes the days of everyone who experiences it.

Betty Van Coffee – Cervantes

              Betty Van Deluxe Coffee

Betty Van Deluxe Coffee 

Coffee Type: A bulk need Cappuccino

Location: You will find this amazing little Van on the way into Cervantes

Coffee in one word or more: Best coffee find ever!!!l!!!

Atmosphere: This is a funky and cool little idea. A coffee van that you can roam around in. I was up in Lancelin and was desperate for a good coffee. So a couple of mates and myself jumped in the car and drove easily 50km+ in search of a good coffee. We decided to try Cervantes and literally stumbled upon this little gem on the side of the road. So we immediately executed a U turn and found the best coffee on the street!!! And this deserves a tribute!!!

Service: The lovely lady, AKA: Betty (This is an assumption on my half but I feel pretty confident in this one???) who owns and operates this little gem is amazingly polite, friendly, fun and most importantly she makes a fantastic coffee.

Roast / Bean: Care Espresso Coffee!!!

Cost: Worth ever cent!!!

Reward schemes: ???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This place is so good i literally drove 100km round trip every day to have a coffee here.

The Bottle of Milk – Lorne, Victoria

The Bottle of Milk


The Bottle of Milk

Coffee Type: An Amazing Long Black

Location: 53 Mountjoy parade Lorne, Victoria 3232

Coffee in one word or more: Adventurousl!!!

Atmosphere: This place was stumbled upon on the best road trip of my life. It is on the amazing Great Ocean Road in one of the most beautiful towns in the world. Walking into this place automatically brings a smile to your face and kept drawing me back for more and more amazing coffee. The place is cosy and warm with world class views. The only thing that beat all of this was the company!!!

Service: Unsurpassed. The staff here are very warm and friendly. They make you smile whilst making a world class brew. I cannot wait to experience this amazing café again someday soon!!!

Roast / Bean:  I was so excited to get a coffee I forgot to check what they had…my bad!!!

Cost: Awesome especially noting the amazing location!!!

Reward schemes: ???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ It is hard to put a finger on where I got the best coffee on this amazing road trip across the country, but the bottle of milk was definitely in the top three, beautiful coffees on the trip…depending on the trip!!!



C-17 Inflight Dirty Brew


C-17A Globemaster III

Coffee Type: A Dirty Dirty Brew

Location: Somewhere in the sky around 20000ft…shhhh…its a secret!!!

Coffee in one word or more: FREEl!!!

Atmosphere: What can I say…this place is so massive you could swing a cat around in here (Not that we condone the swinging of cats on military or any kind of aircraft!!!). Its so big you can’t even see you’re mates on the other side of the aircraft…this could also be caused by the massive amount of equipment being carried.

Service: Was with a smile from a good mate @the_fruitbat who can whip up a mean dirty brew!!! Thank you my friend, thank you!!!

Roast / Bean:  Dirty Brew Beans

Cost: Best Price Ever!!!

Reward schemes: RAAF Frequent flyers???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This is by far the freest brew I have had in a long time. I would like to give a special shout out to the crew who always get us where we need to go and more importantly they get us home safely every time!!! Cheers guys!!!


The Senior Service!!!

Architects and Heroes Subiaco


Architects and Heroes

Coffee Type: A Large Cappuccino

Location: 25 Rokeby Road Subiaco

Coffee in one word or more: UNITINGl!!!

Atmosphere: I love this place. Cool name. Cool vibes. Cool location. Amazing Coffee. Need I say more? No! But I will. Everything about this place is funky. It has a really relaxing feel. They have these retro tables outside that are on the foot path that are great for people watching. Or they have little nooks through out the cafe where you can hide away or meet new friends.

Service: Super duper friendly. They are very relaxed in their demeanours but crazy efficient at making coffee quickly. They made me feel at home the very first time I tried them out and they have made me feel the same way every time I walk in their door. You guys are amazing. Keep up the great work!!!

Roast / Bean:  Agents of T.A.S.T.E

Cost: Standard rims.

Reward schemes: Again I forgot to look…maybe???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This is by far the coolest place to have a coffee in Subiaco. This is one not to be missed.

Port of Mocha Coffee House Tumon – Guam

       Port of Mocha Coffee House Guam

Port of Mocha Coffee House

Coffee Type: A Chewy Gooey Caramel Mocha

Location: Pale San Vitores Road
TumonTamuning 96913

Coffee in one word or more: Sweet!!!

Atmosphere: This is a nice little cafe I swing past on the way home to fuel the inevitable, evening antics that come from being in Guam. They make the nicest caramel, anything, style coffee. It is quiet a cosy cafe that adds to the atmosphere.

Service: They are very very very, did I say very friendly and polite. They smile the whole time they are taking your order and they make the coffee with impressive speed.

Roast / Bean:  Unsure???

Cost: Standard rims.

Reward schemes: Unsure???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This is one of the friendliest cafes I have been recommended in this tropical paradise known as Guam.

Guam Coffee Company – Tumon Bay

                  Guam Coffee Company

Guam Coffee Company 

Coffee Type: A Large Americano

Location: 518 Pale San Vitores Road #104, Tumon Bay

Coffee in one word or more: Life Saving!!!

Atmosphere: This is a lovely little cafe right on the edge of the Tumon Tourist District. It has a pretty funky vibe and is a cool place to hang out and to get out of the Guam heat. I am a big fan of the comfy lounges inside and have almost made myself part of the furniture here on my trip to Guam.

Service: The staff are extremely friendly and accommodating of our out of town coffee requests. They do an amazing coffee here which comes out hot and quick.

Roast / Bean:  Guam Coffee Company Blend

Cost: Standard rims.

Reward schemes: Unsure???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This is one of the nicest coffee joints I have been recommended in sunny Guam.