Swerve & Co Cafe & Espresso Bar

Swerve & Co

Swerve & Co Cafe & Espresso Bar

Coffee Type: A large latte.

Location: 876 Military Road, Mosman, NSW, 2088.

Atmosphere: Swerve is a well designed, funky little cafe on the main street in Mosman. The cafe is always bustling with people who are either coming for a brew in the comfort of the cafe, or who are just swinging past for a snappy coffee on the way to work, or wherever it is they are going. It is also conveniently situated across the road from the high school. I am sure the teachers at the school enjoy teaching the highly caffeinated students that take advantage of the cafes positioning. Well played I say!!! 

Service: Very friendly and efficient.

Roast / Bean: Swerve & Co House Blend Coffee.

Cost: Reasonable pricing in a high competition area.

Reward schemes: Rewardle

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ I just swung past for a take away today and the service was very friendly. Coffee was lovely.

2 thoughts on “Swerve & Co Cafe & Espresso Bar

  1. Dear Black Ops reviewer. Thanks for your covert visit and we’re very pleased you enjoyed the service and coffee. However, it has raised a debate among the staff as to who was responsible for your review. Could you identify when you came, or atleast describe who served you? Thanks and we look forward to your next visit. Cheers!

    • G’day Ben@SwerveCafe,

      Now what sort of a Coffee Black Ops operator would I be if it wasn’t a covert visit??? But in the spirit of good CoffeeBlackOpsManShip here goes. It was on the morning of the 14th. I believe Gee or Issy (forgive me as I am going off your instagram site) was there assisting to make the coffee. I was served by a young guy, dark hair and there was an older gentlemen making the coffee. This might help, a lady who had just finished her meal pushed in front of me in the line to pay her bill. Hope this helps the debate guys.

      Good Luck!!!

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