The Wolf Espresso – Perth CBD

The Wolf Espresso Perth CBD 

Coffee Type: A Large Alpha Wolf Cappuccino

Location: 6/800 Hay St, Perth WA 6000

Coffee in one word or more: Choices…so many choices!!!

Atmosphere: What a cool coffee shop. It is set up in a little back alley of the Perth CDB. But don’t let that scare you away. The Perth CDB is about as dangerous as Canada. The coffee is amazing and comes out quick. I had a lovely Vegan Burrito here that was also epic. They have so many goodies to choice from that choice becomes a problem. But only for those of us who can’t make a decision to save our lives. Well except of course when we need coffee, we know when this is. I had a blast here tucked away in the corner just watching the world go by. I do love just chilling in a CBD. I don’t think there is anything better  than watching the world go by and these guys nail this

Service: These guys were super friendly and very helpful in navigating me through a plethora of epic coffee and food options. They left me completely satisfied. So thanks guys, you knocked this one out of the park.

Roast / Bean: Veneziano Coffee Roasters

Cost: Standard Rims for Perth!!!

Reward schemes:  Rewardle

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️  I will be chilling here every chance I get!!! This is my kind of place. Thanks guys!!!

The Leaky Tap – Mosman Park

FullSizeRender 10The Leaky Tap Mosman Park 

Coffee Type: A Large Energetic Cappuccino

Location: 43 Victoria St, Mosman Park WA 6012

Coffee in one word or more: Energetic!!!

Atmosphere: So, yes. I watched Australian Ninja Warrior and this is how I stumbled across this epic little cafe. That and I was telling a mate about my intentions to visit this place and he just looked at me like we had had this discussion before. Turns out we had, as this is the coffee store around the corner from his place that we were going to get a brew from on the weekend. So I guess we had had that conversation before…not sure I was 100% present though. Anywho, this place made me laugh as soon as I stepped inside. The leaky tap theme is strong here. And they possibly have the best and most OHS compliant coffee shop uniform I have ever seen. You can’t help but feel happy here.

Service: So So So very impressive. These guys made me smile from the time I stepped through the door. It is such a cosy and fun setting. On top of that the crew that work here are so engaging they make you feel like your part of the crew. These guys embody the essence of coffee experience for me. I would happily get a coffee here every day just for the experience associated with it.

Roast / Bean: Sorry I was so distracted by the coffee plumbing theme.

Cost: Standard Rims for Perth!!!

Reward schemes:  ???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️  I really enjoy going here. The experience of awesomeness is one that is hard to put into words. You guys rock!!!

Typika – Claremont


                          Typika Claremont


Coffee Type: A Large, Colourful and Smooth Cappuccino!!!

Location: 331 Stirling Hwy, Claremont WA 6010488 Beaufort Street, Highgate

Coffee in one word or more: Colourful!!!

Atmosphere: So I have walked past here on a few occasion now and every time I have I have said to myself ‘Self, You should try their coffee’ and so I did. And well, this place is awesome. When you enter you literally enter another world which is perfect to escape reality for a while.

Service: This place is full of hustle, bustle, smiles and bulk friendliness. The staff were very helpful and super friendly. I’ll be back here.

Roast / Bean: Sorry…missed that one guys…coffee tastes fantastic though!!!

Cost: Standard Rims but worth it!!!

Reward schemes: Ah??!!

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ I love the colourful nature of this place as you escape over a warm brew.

Coffee Beats Drinks – Jindabyne

C.B.D Coffee, Beats, Drinks.

Coffee Type: A Large and very warm in such a cold place cappuccino!!!

Location: Shop 18b, Nuggets Crossing Shopping Centre, Snowy River Ave, Jindabyne NSW 2627

Coffee in one word or more: Handwarminglygood!!!

Atmosphere: This place is a funky upbeat cafe. In their own words “Everything you like, we liked two years ago!!!” And that sets the tone. The crew here own the atmosphere and they have created a lovely warm and comfortable place for you to get out of the winter cold and to get your coffee fix on.

Service: The crew here are super friendly and fun. They have an upbeat manner that can’t help but make you smile and they make the best hand warming coffee in the mountains. They make you envious of their jobs as they seem to be enjoying themselves immensely while making other peoples days through coffee.

Roast / Bean: Vella Nero coffee

Cost: Its warm…this is superfluous at this point in time…but in all seriousness they are very reasonably priced beverages. !!!

Reward schemes:  Yep…maybe!!!

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️  My warm hands thank you!!!

MOP Donuts – Leederville

MOP Donuts Leederville

MOP Donuts 

Coffee Type: A Large Caramel Latte followed up by a Popcorn Latte…yep…thats a thing!!!

Location: 747 Newcastle St Leederville WA 6007488 Beaufort Street, Highgate

Coffee in one word or more: Carnivally!!!

Atmosphere: So how did I stumble across this little sugary paradise??? Well I am glad you asked. I was looking for an epic donut (possibly more than one???) and I found it!!! And while I was deciding on what donut to consume there was a ray of light that shone right out of the heavens down on their coffee machine. They had coffee…and donuts…but coffee…they had coffee…well I can honestly let you know…I settled in for the long haul…sugar coma here I come. The crew that work here are really friendly, helpful and above all…they are donut enablers…and I think they take a little joy in waiting for the sugary crashes that inevitably come!!! 😉

Service: Like I said, they are enablers and I want to thank them for that!!! I want to thank them for showing me what I was truely capable of when it came to great coffee combined with donuts and followed by a sugar coma. This place is a must on the to do list. The staff are friendly, fun and possibly full of sugar most of the day!!! Makes for a fun place to visit.

Roast / Bean: Sorry…I was distracted by the donuts!!!

Cost: Standard Rims but worth every cent and the sugar hangover was so worth it!!!

Reward schemes:  Yep!!!

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ For all of you who are wondering what MOP stands for…its Made On Premises. Cool name, cool store, great crew, great donuts and the spectacular coffee rounds this out for an amazing experience.

The Milk Barber – Hillarys

                 The Milk Barber – Hillarys

The Milk Barber 

Coffee Type: A Large and Amazing Cappucino

Location: 10/58 Southside Hillarys, 6025 Perth, Australia488 Beaufort Street, Highgate

Coffee in one word or more: BOOM!!!

Atmosphere: So I stumbled across this little place after going for a solid run (possibly a slow run???). And this was the best part of my day. Whoever thought up the idea of having a coffee store with a barber shop is a legit genius…like proper legit!!! The place has a funky and cool vibe. That description doesn’t even remotely do it justice. This cafe is super cool. I could happily hang here all day. Just for reference I didn’t hang here all day as I was a sweaty and dishevelled mess who only had the right to grab a coffee and run…ok hobble away!!! I still can’t get past the fact that this place is a barber shop..and a cafe…this is the best!!!

Service: So I have yet again had the pleasure of meeting another amazingly friendly barista who can make your day without even trying. I had the pleasure of being served by the lovely Amy today. Not only does she make a spectacular coffee but she has the most engaging and friendly demeanour which absolutely made my day. So thank you!!! As for the rest of the crew they seemed hard at work ridding people of scraggly, unwanted and unstylish hair. 😉

Roast / Bean: So this is almost awkward, they had the coffee displayed on the shelf behind the counter. But I forgot to look. Sorry!!!

Cost: Standard Rims but worth every cent and more.!!!

Reward schemes:  Rewardle….yep I got this one!!!

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This is going to be a simple summary. You are missing out on some of the best parts of life if you don’t come and meet these guys and drink their coffee. Oh and say G’day!!! 😉

Beaufort Local – Highgate

             Beaufort Local – Highgate

Beaufort Local 

Coffee Type: A Large Cappucino

Location: 488 Beaufort Street, Highgate488 Beaufort Street, Highgate

Coffee in one word or more: Vibrant!!!

Atmosphere: I found this place this morning while going to pick up my car and more importantly looking for breakfast after a quiet (and yes I say quiet quite loosely!!!) night out in Highgate. This is by far the best cafe I have found in Perth on all of my coffee adventures. And it was made by a few things. One: good coffee. Two: I was looked after by the friendliest person ever. Courtney was this lovely persons and she absolutely made the experience of coffee and fantastic pancakes next level. She was so vibrant and full of energy that she optimised the coffee experience. I can’t quite aptly describe what that experience should be but if I could it would revolve perfectly around todays experience. It was the perfect balance of positive energy, fantastic coffee, food and all summed up by the very personal touch that Courtney placed on her interactions!!! The cafe itself is very cool and is full of history. It is a fun and experiential cafe to hang around.

Service: Well the previous paragraph should indicate how I felt about the service. But since we have a spot…let me elaborate. Firstly the amazing Courtney completely made this visit more than memorable. But I should also add that all the staff are all cut from the same sheet. It is a very vibrant, friendly and amazing place to hang out. The guy who delivered the coffee called me a “mug”…because I ordered a mug…of coffee…it ended awkwardly…but I saw what he did there. I can not commend this place more highly. This is the best discovery I have made by far and the thought of hanging here for a coffee in the near future evokes more than a little smile.

Roast / Bean: 5 Senses Beans

Cost: Standard Rims for Perth…I think…I was smiling to much to pay attention to the bill!!!

Reward schemes:  Yup…Forgot to look???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This place was a gem before the people that run it showed up…now it is a wonder of Perth and one that should not be missed. You guys are fantastic and thank you for making my day. It was an absolute pleasure to experience what you guys have created.

Infusion Coffee and Tea – Perth

Infusion Coffee and Tea - Perth

            Infusion Coffee and Tea – Perth

Infusion Coffee and Tea Perth 

Coffee Type: A Large Caramel Latte

Location: Plaza Arcade, 13/185 Murray St, Perth WA 6000

Coffee in one word or more: Anticipatory!!!

Atmosphere: I love going to this place. I actually like it so much that I will find reasons to go into the city to get my coffee fix. Oh I need to got to the gym, thats convenient there is an anytime fitness in the city, best I get my coffee fix. Oh I need a book, best I go to Boffins Books, but first I should probably grab a infusion coffee. Oh, I need new sock, well you get the point. I will come up with any excuse to swing past this friendly little cafe for a quick coffee fix!!! Its always abuzz and the coffee is so so so amazing!!!! Almost addictive.

Service: These guys are right down my alley. They are fast, friendly and efficient. And they make an amazing coffee. They even have cherry ripe beans. Imagine a cherry ripe flavoured coffee…life doesn’t get much better!!! I have nothing but praise for these guys.

Roast / Bean: Infusion House Blend Beans

Cost: Standard Rims for Perth!!!

Reward schemes:  ???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ I’m addicted to this place and I’m proud of it.

Betty Van Coffee – Cervantes

              Betty Van Deluxe Coffee

Betty Van Deluxe Coffee 

Coffee Type: A bulk need Cappuccino

Location: You will find this amazing little Van on the way into Cervantes

Coffee in one word or more: Best coffee find ever!!!l!!!

Atmosphere: This is a funky and cool little idea. A coffee van that you can roam around in. I was up in Lancelin and was desperate for a good coffee. So a couple of mates and myself jumped in the car and drove easily 50km+ in search of a good coffee. We decided to try Cervantes and literally stumbled upon this little gem on the side of the road. So we immediately executed a U turn and found the best coffee on the street!!! And this deserves a tribute!!!

Service: The lovely lady, AKA: Betty (This is an assumption on my half but I feel pretty confident in this one???) who owns and operates this little gem is amazingly polite, friendly, fun and most importantly she makes a fantastic coffee.

Roast / Bean: Care Espresso Coffee!!!

Cost: Worth ever cent!!!

Reward schemes: ???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This place is so good i literally drove 100km round trip every day to have a coffee here.

Port of Mocha Coffee House Tumon – Guam

       Port of Mocha Coffee House Guam

Port of Mocha Coffee House

Coffee Type: A Chewy Gooey Caramel Mocha

Location: Pale San Vitores Road
TumonTamuning 96913

Coffee in one word or more: Sweet!!!

Atmosphere: This is a nice little cafe I swing past on the way home to fuel the inevitable, evening antics that come from being in Guam. They make the nicest caramel, anything, style coffee. It is quiet a cosy cafe that adds to the atmosphere.

Service: They are very very very, did I say very friendly and polite. They smile the whole time they are taking your order and they make the coffee with impressive speed.

Roast / Bean:  Unsure???

Cost: Standard rims.

Reward schemes: Unsure???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This is one of the friendliest cafes I have been recommended in this tropical paradise known as Guam.