Bindoon Bakehaus & Cafe – Bondoon

                  Bindoon Bakhaus & Cafe

Bindoon Bakehaus & Cafe

Coffee Type: A Large and very welcome cappuccino!!!

Location: 27 Binda Pl, Bindoon WA 6502

Coffee in one word or more: Welcome!!!

Atmosphere: This place is such a surprise. It is located a couple of hours outside of Perth in one of the prettiest parts of the country. The staff are always friendly and very helpful. You could almost call them enablers with how efficiently they can convince you that you should try something sweet from their immense range. Although for those that know me you know thats probably not much of a strain on their half. Did I mention they are an award winning bakery

Service: I can’t explain how much I like pooping in here. These guys keep us sain when we are in town. They are the best escape around with amazing coffee and treats. It is an adventure every time we go there.

Roast / Bean: 5 Senses Coffee

Cost: Worth every penny when you stumble across this placet!!!

Reward schemes:  Yep!!!

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️  I can’t wait to have a coffee here again and to put myself in a sugar comma.

Flourish Coffee and Juice – Floreat

Flourish Coffee and Juice 

Coffee Type: A Large and very creamy cappuccino!!!

Location: Floreat Forum Shopping Centre

Coffee in one word or more: Retirement worthy!!!

Atmosphere: This place is a funky and relaxing oasis on the outskirts of Floreat Forum. Apparently if these guys got a dollar for every time they were told they made a great coffee they would be retired by now. So let me assist with their retirement plan and say you guys make a fantastic coffee!!!

Service: Really friendly and efficient. They are happy to have a chat while they plod along and make your coffee. It is a nice and quiet part of the shopping centre and it is a real pleasure to swing past and grab a coffee and a break from these guys.

Roast / Bean: Loaded Craft Coffee Roasters

Cost: Standard Rims but worth every cent and the dolar towards their retiremnt!!!

Reward schemes:  Yep!!!

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ For all of you who are wondering what MOP stands for…its Made On Premises. Cool name, cool store, great crew, great donuts and the spectacular coffee rounds this out for an amazing experience.

Architects and Heroes Subiaco


Architects and Heroes

Coffee Type: A Large Cappuccino

Location: 25 Rokeby Road Subiaco

Coffee in one word or more: UNITINGl!!!

Atmosphere: I love this place. Cool name. Cool vibes. Cool location. Amazing Coffee. Need I say more? No! But I will. Everything about this place is funky. It has a really relaxing feel. They have these retro tables outside that are on the foot path that are great for people watching. Or they have little nooks through out the cafe where you can hide away or meet new friends.

Service: Super duper friendly. They are very relaxed in their demeanours but crazy efficient at making coffee quickly. They made me feel at home the very first time I tried them out and they have made me feel the same way every time I walk in their door. You guys are amazing. Keep up the great work!!!

Roast / Bean:  Agents of T.A.S.T.E

Cost: Standard rims.

Reward schemes: Again I forgot to look…maybe???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This is by far the coolest place to have a coffee in Subiaco. This is one not to be missed.

Port of Mocha Coffee House Tumon – Guam

       Port of Mocha Coffee House Guam

Port of Mocha Coffee House

Coffee Type: A Chewy Gooey Caramel Mocha

Location: Pale San Vitores Road
TumonTamuning 96913

Coffee in one word or more: Sweet!!!

Atmosphere: This is a nice little cafe I swing past on the way home to fuel the inevitable, evening antics that come from being in Guam. They make the nicest caramel, anything, style coffee. It is quiet a cosy cafe that adds to the atmosphere.

Service: They are very very very, did I say very friendly and polite. They smile the whole time they are taking your order and they make the coffee with impressive speed.

Roast / Bean:  Unsure???

Cost: Standard rims.

Reward schemes: Unsure???

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This is one of the friendliest cafes I have been recommended in this tropical paradise known as Guam.

ShotLab Espresso Newport

             ShotLab Espresso Newport

ShotLab Espresso Newport

Coffee Type: A Large Cappuccino…but its more than just a coffee, its an experience.

Location: 1/326-330 Barrenjoey Rd, Newport NSW 2106

Coffee in one word: An Experience.

Atmosphere: One of the lads at work recommended this place. He is a big fan of coffee. He told me the only way to describe this place is its an experience. They will walk you through this coffee experience to give you the ultimate coffee tailored to you. And he wasn’t wrong. What this team doesn’t know about coffee isn’t worth knowing. It is a nice small chilled space where you can find the ultimate privacy to relax in or it can be an engaging place to just chill.

Service: I have never been walked through a coffee experience like this. From the get go they hit me up with some probing questions till they came up with a recommendation on my ultimate coffee. They talked up a big game here and I have to say, They delivered and exceeded my expectations. On top of they they had me laughing and I felt very at home while they made the ultimate coffee.

Roast / Bean: Background Specialty Coffee Roasters

Cost: Stand rims.

Reward schemes: They have no need for one with coffee that is a privilege to consume.

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This place is a must experience. They will have you experiencing the best coffee of your life if you just let them.

Wolfpack Coffee Roasters Mortlake

                 Wolfpack Coffee Roasters

Wolfpack Coffee Roasters Mortlake

Coffee Type: Large Long Black x 2…What??? I was thirsty and the coffee is Bulk Awesome.

Location: 12 Bertram Street, Mortlake NSW 2137

Coffee in one word: Alpha…yep, its the leader of the pack…I know you see what I did there!!!

Atmosphere: My best Bud took me to this place and I have to admit, we were here for quite some time. This place is a void that you just want to consume you. The outdoor setting is really cool. Its out on the front lawn where you can just sit and watch the world go by. It also has a really cool bench seat out the front where you can happily sit while waiting for an amazing takeaway.

Service: The guys running this place are really cool and friendly. They engage you from the get go and make you feel like an old friend. From the first time you visit you will be hooked. U had a blast chatting with these guys. They make an amazing coffee and the part I liked the most is that they truly passionate about what they are doing. They roast their own beans and their passion shows in their amazing service and their coffees taste.

Roast / Bean: Wolfpack Coffee Roasters Beans

Cost: Stand rims.

Reward schemes: They may invite you to become part of the Wolfpack.

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This place is worth adventuring too just for the experience. These guys are standard setters. I hope their coffee beans and Wolfpack become the Alphas in the Sydney coffee scene.

The Source Espresso Bar Mosman

The Source Espresso Bar Mosman

The Source Espresso Bar Mosman

Coffee Type: A large latte.

Location: 6/914 Military Rd. Mosman, 2088 NSW

Coffee in one word: Magnificent

Atmosphere: Hidden just round the corner on Raglan Street is this little bustling cafe full of energy and cool vibes. Its not uncommon to see a celeb or two hanging around here. The place has a cool layout and awesome interior design. It has the ability to be wide open and airy in the summer or such down for warmth in the winter. It is a very bright and vibrant place to watch the world cruise on by. The coffee is nothing short of exceptional here.

Service: Wow…they are fast here. They may even own barristaring records for all I know. What I do know is they are always friendly and somehow have the largest smiles on their faces. They set a very high standard of friendliness which always amazes me considering how busy they are

Roast / Bean: Lucky Seven Blend.

Cost: Cheap for me…Boss brought mine…However they are about the average price of the area which is pretty reasonable..

Reward schemes: Rewardle

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ Love hanging out here in their little corners and watching the peaceful world stroll by.

Newslink Perth Domestic Airport

Newslink Perth Domestic Airport

Newslink Perth Domestic Airport

Newslink Perth Domestic Airport

Coffee Type: A large caramel latte

Location: Perth Domestic Airport Qantas Terminal.

Coffee in one word: Tastey
Atmosphere: Tucked up in the back of the Newslink in the Qantas terminal of Perths Domestic Airport is a little hideaway for the rushed pace of the airport. You can come in and sit down here and just wait in peace for your flight. The place is a little busy which is to be expected. The coffee is Campos and as such is a fantastic coffee every time.

Service: They are fast and efficient here. Not much chit chat going on as they are usually running around doing a million things at once. They are however always friendly and courteous.

Roast / Bean: Campos Coffee.

Cost: Reasonable for the airport.

Reward schemes: Nil

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This is my go to hangout when I am flying anywhere out of Perth.

Bacino Kiosk Chowder Bay

Barcino Kiosk Chowder Bay

Barcino Kiosk Chowder Bay

Bacino Kiosk Chowder Bay

Coffee Type: A large cappuccino.

Location: Building 2, Chowder Bay Road.

Coffee in one word: Enjoyable
Atmosphere: This place is in a magical location. It has a cafe up on the hill and a little hole in the wall down by the beach near Clifton Gardens. It is in a lovely bush setting and it also has spectacular views out into the harbour. It is the perfect place for a quiet little chat or just somewhere to reconnect with the world around you. The coffee is always lovely and warm.

Service: They are always very efficient, fast and friendly. They are know to have  chats with you or your group while they plod along getting your coffee

Roast / Bean: Little Italy Coffee.

Cost: Fair considering location.

Reward schemes: Nil

☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️ This place is an awesome place to reconnect with the world around you.

Qantas In Flight Coffee

Qantas In Flight Coffee

Qantas In Flight Coffee

Coffee Type: Brewed coffee.

Location: Boeing 737-800 Cruising at 33000ft

Coffee in one word: Mysterious
Atmosphere: I feel like a captured audience up here. They have a way of making you feel like you’re in your own world. Kind of like your own 2ft x 2.5ft place of solitude. I have to admit the crew are very friendly and courteous up here. They tend to your needs quite quickly and always make sure you have somewhere to sit, all be it they do make you strap into your seat. Now the view can’t be faulted. They go to quite the effort to make sure the view is constantly changing and that there is always something interesting to see.

Service: The crew are very friendly, fast and polite. Sometimes it can be a little bit bumpy, but lets face it when you are fighting gravity that can be a natural side effect.

Roast / Bean: Qantas In house blend..I believe

Cost: Two ways to look at this. Its either great pricing because its free with your airfare or the most expensive coffee I have purchase at a couple of hundred dollars that you have to drink while going somewhere.

Reward schemes: Qantas Frequent Flyers.

☕️☕️☕️☕️ I do have a soft spot for Qantas coffee and it is always delivered with a smile.